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Ana Elisa Miranda

I am a Brazilian living in Belgium; sharing bits of culture, trips, challenges of Expat Life and personal development.
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Category: Expat life


Qualidade de Vida

Living in Brazil I am enjoying the culture, commenting on the differences, celebrating local expressions and inviting others to enjoy all Brazil has to...
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Eat Rio

EatRio started as a place for me to record all the cool things I was learning about Rio. One day I would discover some amazing fruit that only grows in the...
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Pernambuco Gypsy

Pernambuco Gypsy looks at life after the thrill of the beach has subsided and you spend most of your time cursing in queues.
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Category: Humour


Making Norway My Home

I help expats and immigrants understand and integrate to Norwegian society. I give tips on parenting, traveling, culture, health system, updates, learn the...
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Creelman...does Brazil!

My (often humorous) experiences as an English teacher, living and working in Sao Paulo.
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Rachel's Rantings in Rio

Momma, Wife, Woman, ex-Pat, American, Brazilian at heart, cranky, Sassy, Ridiculous... I'm just a big old mixing pot living life in Rio de Janeiro.
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Eating Like a Brazilian

Brazilian Recipes, cooking techniques, and cooking terms presented in an easy to follow guide, in English, using pictures, videos, and other helpful sources to...
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My blog is basically about my life, my experiences, thoughts and opinions from a geographical, cultural and emotional perspective. It's a work in progress, an...
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The Sun Only Sets Once in a Day

Blogging about travelling and spending my life in Brazil.
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My Quarter Life Epiphany

Trials and triumphs of the female expat life in Rio de Janeiro, and destination inspiration for Brazil. Share my journey through discovering life in Rio, from...
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The Abroad Channel

A blog about the perks and challenges of living abroad. Dreamer, Blogger, Exchange Program Consultant, here I will share with you my adventures of being a...
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jewels wandering

Blog about my travels, expat life and experience as a US Navy girlfriend
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The Missing Flavor

Food and cultural stuff
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A Note from Brazil

Observations and adventures of an American woman living in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, with her husband and dog.
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