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Circuit Rider CZ

The blog describes my self-imposed challenge to cycle around the entire border of the Czech Republic. For me it's an aid to planning and a record of my journey....
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Middle europe

According to good old Wikipedia the term Middle Europe is obsolete or rarely used – Central Europe is the usual term. However when visiting a friend in...
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The blog is about my time in Prague, which consists of food, wine, walks, runs, bikes, friends, skiing and lots more!
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A Big Life

This blog is about what happened when I tried to make life a little more interesting by moving to Europe after my studies. I had planned on a stint in Germany's...
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Travel / Photography / Photojournalism
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Czech Mates

A personalized travel guide based on our life in Prague and elsewhere.
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Christopher's Expat Adventure

An American expat adventure in Brno, Czech Republic.
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Adventures of a Jersey Girl

Jersey; a small island in the English Channel, where cows, potatoes and curious patriotic locals called Beans coexist. I am one such bean, born and bred in one...
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Czech Republic Property Investment

Information on all things related to real estate and property in Czech Republic including purchase, sale, property management, SROs, residency permits and legal...
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Fresh Presse | Your Guide To The Good Stuff

Good food, global travel, mindful living and modern spirituality.
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New York Expatriate

A blog about useful and trivial things in my new hometown Leamington, the one in my heart - New York City and all other places along my path.
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Category: Expat life


Bohemian on a Budget: How to Wander the Globe...Without

“I wish I could do that!” ”Wow, you must be rich!”
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Heather Goes to Deutschland

Expat newly arrived to Deutschland, formerly in the Czech Republic. I take some pictures, write, teach about gerunds, and appreciate the ridiculousness of what...
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Life After TEFL Worldwide Prague

These 4 individuals all started their teaching and traveling abroad journey in the same place: at TEFL Worldwide Prague. Here, they underwent an intense, 4-week...
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Czeching Out

A blog detailing our adventures abroad first living in the Czech Republic, in the beautiful town of Pardubice and now in Hobart, Tasmania. The blog Includes...
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