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Tramps in Love

Come in un diario di viaggio racconto la nostra esperienza, la nostra vita nel deserto, a Riyadh in Arabia Saudita
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Camel Crossing

E' ora di avere un blog: sono in Arabia Saudita da un po' ormai e gia' troppe cose che mi sembravano dell'altro mondo, mi sono diventate familiari...
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A Long Way to Go for A Sun Tan

An Irishman's view of life and work in Afghanistan & Saudi Arabia after moving abroad to work in 2011, Life, work, culture and of course, missing home......
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Category: Expat life


Foreign Girl

An American woman's journey in Saudi Arabia, learning those things about their society and mine - whether funny, maddening, baffling, inspiring, heartbreaking,...
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the same rainbow's end

american girl meets saudi boy. adventures ensue.
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Emefa's Asia

The 'go-to' resource site for Black people living, working, and visiting Asia
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Thoughts & Notes

sharing tips and our experience in Saudi Arabia. We sometimes write about Travel.
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Saudi Arabia and Other Stories

Stories of my life in Saudi Arabia and my travels in the Middle East and further afield, and a few other random bits and pieces thrown in for good measure!
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Afaranwide is a travel blog written by Colin Simpson and Sue Brattle, a married couple who are expats, travellers and tourists. We write about our experiences...
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Harlow Adventure

My experiences living in Saudi Arabia and traveling abroad with our little family. The adventure is a crazy one with lots of ups and downs as we try to adjust...
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Life in the Kingdom

My personal experiences in Saudi Arabia, my life and work here. Along with my trips to the gulf and my country Phil.
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GMarie's Page

I wondered how it would be to live and work abroad with a culture much different than my own. After working 19 years for the U.S. Government (with a 4-year...
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Work Overseas Guide

It is a blog created for expat professionals. Specially those who are living and working in KSA.
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Dall'Arabia Saudita al Peru dopo vario peregrinare per il mondo! fotografo e racconto di tutto un pò, volete seguirmi nelle mie avventure?!
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SD's Corner

Collection of stories from Saudi Arabia to Sudan and Malaysia.
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