The Sweet Bag of the Bee

Writer Persephone Abbott posts one topic per week on her blog, usually something to do with the arts or humor. Occasionally she gets poetic about life in Amsterdam.

Blog language: English

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US American US American expat living in the Netherlands

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: Usa  Netherlands
  • Interest: Architecture, art, music, food, literature, history
  • About me: Persephone Abbott, musician and writer, lives in The Netherlands. Born in America she left to live in Europe at a young age to pursue a life other than what she could have otherwise experienced. Multilingual, ever curious, she describes her view on (expatriate) life when not working on other writing projects, for example her second book due out in Spring 2014, called "A Sample of Gouda". The website of the artistic collaboration ( tells you more about her collaborative project with professional photographer Vinita Salomé.


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