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Travel Sketches is a conversation I will have with you about my life and travels. I will include facts, history, my daily encounters, and anything that strikes my fancy.

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US American US American expat living in Panama

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  • Move: Usa  Panama
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  • About me: I have recently moved to Panama and am beginning to document life here in the tropics. I'm hoping to not be just another expat; instead I would like to delve into the culture of the native and indigenous Panamanians if I can break that barrier. It's the people and the place that are important to me. I invite you to take a look at my new blog Some comments I've received include: You certainly have more of a sense of adventure than we do. What a life you've led! We're enjoying all that you've told us so far, living vicariously through your posts. Dahlonega is sure a beautiful city, and your mountain residence in Panama looks lovely, too. - Jan, Dan, and Lance What a great setting [my residency]. I am glad to see you doing well and settling in. Thank you for taking us along on the journey! - Sid I am enjoying your writing. I lived in Kansas and appreciate the positive and quirky description! So many people I know think I'm crazy for loving that State. - Alex Warren R. Jo


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