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Visa Pour is a travel and expatriation blog where I share all my usefull tips for you to get ready for the big life abroad. I have been relocating myself not more than four times already first to study and now to work. My first experience was diving deep into the snow when I spent a year in Finlande. Looking up for the sun I then moved down to Greece before flying to end of the world in New Zealand. I eventually randomly ended up in Cambodia where I am still living at the moment without any return date. Being French most of my articles will be written in French. But even if you hate French language you can still have a look to all the great pictures I post on there. Don't miss the "15 photos pour rêver de..." category which will blow your mind. Thanks for reading, enjoy your new expat life or get ready for it and I will see you on the other side.

Langue du blog: Français

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Français Français expatrié vivant au Cambodge

  • Sexe: Homme
  • Date de naissance: 28-12-89
  • Parcours: France  Cambodge
  • Intérêts: Photogrpahy, travel, culture, history
  • A propos: My name is Tugdual. I am 24 and I come from a little village nearby the sea in Brittany, France. I have been travelling for more than 4 years now settling down in different countries to study and work. I love nature and outdoor activities. I have been raised in a ranch surrounded by horses and other animals. if there would be anything I now miss from home would to go for a race on the beach with my friends and our horses. I have been studying marketing and I now work in the tourism industry. I enjoy my work but wish to refocus on my real passion as soon as possible which is photography and maybe combine those two activities in a nearby future.
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